Expense Buddy

At ProBuddy, we believe certain things should always be put on the broader spectrum - like making use of technology to enhance life standards.
Like believing the ability to grow your business alongside making individual lives easier and happier.

Why ExpenseBuddy ?
Our vision is to create an app which combines the excitement of getting together with family and friends for a trip, movie.. and at the same time keeping track of incurred or to be shared expenses without compromising on the most important aspect RELATIONSHIPS.. ExpenseBuddy helps you to create a buddy gang with whom you can chat, share photos and share expenses incurred as a group..

Manage expenses incurred on personal trips, Apartment rent, team lunches, corporate lunches, utility bills, Movie tickets ...

Create Gangs of buddies, family members, Co-Workers, moviegoers, Globetrotters.... Add Expenses to share within the Gang..

With Expense Buddy, create gangs of buddies, family members, co-workers, Rent partners… You name it. Start a Chat, Share a Photo, Share Expenses but most importantly create moments. That’s not all you can even keep track of your daily expenses.
What are you waiting for... Download Expense Buddy from Playstore and Let’s begin our journey from today.