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Founded in May 2019, ProBuddy

is on a mission to digitally transform operations. With a collective IT experience of 100+ years, we know what it takes to help Organizations adopt to digital age.

Digital Transformation is an Acceleration to growing technologies across the globe and Leading a dogital Change is  A vision. Companies are integrating to a smart embedded digital selling innovation and we are proudly one among them. We at ProBuddy focus on 3 key elements:

Future View

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Go Green… Save Paper… We hear this almost in every walks of our life… Yet there are operational processes which depend on heavy usage of paper. Do we want to minimize it… Yes… Every Organization is committed to do that but due to various practical issues, are unable to do so… Founded in May 2019,

ProBuddy tries to address this exact issue by creating what we call as Operational Management Systems, Set of apps which can be used together or in isolation to help address specific usecases of paper usage. Call us Process Buddy, Project Buddy, Professional Buddy… We at ProBuddy are committed to Collaborate/ Innovate/ Invest in automating manual processes. So let us join hands and Let’s Go Digital…

GRC Services

ProBuddy Software Solutions is a premier technology implementation and support partner for the world’s leading integrated GRC companies. We customize the GRC product to your needs, connect your existing tools/systems to the GRC platform and ensure our implementation aligns with your unique business needs.

Market Leading Product Offering

ProBuddy has partnered with world leading GRC companies to provide solutions across the spectrum and to address the exact requirement of our clientele.

Personalized Solutioning

Custom solutioning to aid your organisation’s automation effort. 100+ years of domain experience and exposure to multiple GRC solutions.


100+ years of GRC experience, process & solution consulting, Full spectrum [ process definition, solution fitment, solution review, implementation & support, incubated adoption care] support.

Our Areas of Expertise


Business Continuity Management (BCM) is founded on the idea that it is the directors’ primary obligation to ensure that an organization’s business activities continues perpetually.

BCM allows organizations to mitigate risks and quickly recover by automating your business continuity and disaster recovery programs. Be ready for any business disruption that comes your way.

A clear business continuity management will give the best chance of managing business catastrophes

ProBuddy along with Infinite Blue, a market leading BCM solution provider, helps organization to prepare a blueprint to identify and address potential crises before they happen. Furthermore, it also assists in testing those procedures to ensure that they work, and periodically reviewing the process to make sure that it is up to date.


Our consultants help automating your manual process by creating simple and easy to use software, custom built for your requirement. Dig IT can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization's operations in a systematic way. Process automation frees up time for higher-value work, faster processing, and greater efficiency by automating administrative tasks.

Our Dig IT utilises cutting-edge technology. We offer a solution that will support your department's core business goals, whether you need a faster and more accurate monthly closure or more time to put the human back in Personnel Management.


Take your day to day process online. Optimize cost and efforts.


The power of AI/ML can be bought into your process keeping your custom requirement in mind.


Get your application in cloud and forget about operational problems.


Flexible pricing to suit your needs.

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We thank ProBuddy for giving us such a beautiful, user-friendly software which made us to eradicate the olden day process of recruiting a candidate. We see if we can get some more user-friendly soft wares like that.
Harish Kashyap

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Frequently Asked Questions.

ProBuddy has the following features embedded with it, making it a client friendly organisation:

  • Aggressive goal setting
  • Making a Commitment
  • Regularly Testing the Strategy

In a nutshell, a GRC system combines policy, compliance, risk, remediation, data archiving, and reporting information into a single tool.

A GRC system can assist with data inventory and classification, as well as documenting and monitoring the necessary security procedures. Such a tool can support in a more efficient and effective approach to privacy and information security across the organisation, reducing the strain on end-users and/or information technology professionals.

Probuddy offers you a wide spectrum of services under Process Automation in the domains of Banking, pharmaceuticals, retailing and manufacturing sector.

Probuddy with its team consultants can help organizations cater the path for BCM Compliance by identifying the BCM universe and help manage them with market leading product offerings.

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