HR Buddy
It is our first app in the OpsBuddy Universe which will provide a simple, Intuitive and yet robust system to setup and track

Job Requisition
Create and track the status of a Job Requirement through a simple and intuitive workflow process.

Smart Screening
Smart screening powered by BI, wondering what BI is, It is our version of AI and we will call it Buddy Insights. Smart Screening helps recruiters by automatically matching candidate profile with a job opening. The BI provides smart analysis and % profile match to help ease the burden of screening through thousands of job applicants.

Interview Process
Eliminate Paper based feedback processes and asking the panel to write down a feedback. Let HR Buddy help you with the entire Interview process through an easy workflow. This is a unique feature which makes HR Buddy stand apart from the existing software. We have built in many use cases which are technically complex in nature into the tool without compromising on user experience. See it to Believe it

Offer Letter Rollout
We all know the offer letter process has many use cases which makes it hard for the HR team to capture in a software. HR Buddy makes this simpler with many scenarios tackled in a simple and intuitive way. You do not need excel sheets or complex systems to manage Offer process. Let us help you with this by making it easier.

Employee Onboarding
Offer roll out vs Employee On Boarding is always a challenge for any Organisation. There are documents to be collected, a file to be maintained against each employee. HR Buddy makes it easier for you to collect information online from a potential employee and store it in the cloud so that you have the information available at a click of the button when ever you need it.

Organisational Reporting
Reporting which showcases the efforts of an HR Organisation is often a challenge with data lying in multiple systems or spreadsheets. HR Buddy helps eliminating this problem through an integrated reporting which is capable of producing reports at a Business Unit level or at an Organisational level. You do not need multiple sources. Let HR Buddy be the one source of information.

We all know that an executive view is Icing on the cake which helps showcase the amount of hard work put into getting the right candidate into the Organisation. HR Buddy has some cool dashboards which we are sure will be appreciated by all.

Need Tailored Features?
We have put our expertise into a tool which should solve most of your HR use cases. However we understand that you might have a unique use case which needs a solution. Let us help with that. Let our team know your requirements and we can create your version of HR Buddy with a minimal cost which do not hurt your pockets. Do not worry we will ensure that you stay on the product upgrade path time to time even with those changes...

Sounds Interesting?