Who are we?

We are a team of dreamers. We believe we can help Organizations go paperless by creating software solutions. We also believe that workplace needs to be fun and people will collaborate provided they get insights on why certain processes are necessary and how it will benefit them and the organization in the long run. Why not create applications which are a fusion of enterprise needs, fun to use and easy to understand? Sounds Interesting?? Well It sounds interesting to us.

What are we trying to solve?

Paper/Email Processes
Many organizations are still using paper/email to track processes such as HR Management(Job requisition, Interviewing, offer letter, onboarding, BGV), Asset management, Project Management(Status reporting, MoM), Leave Management for various reasons.

Siloed Processes
Operations in any Organization can be a successful task if different processes work in tandem through an integrated approach. How about HR process feeding into Project Management? How can Leave and access management connect with HR and Project Management?

A constant feedback we hear from business users is that implementing any workflow management application needs a good amount of change management process within the Organization. Application is too technical for the end user.

Data Consolidation
Almost all workflow management systems do data consolidation for reporting purposes within the boundaries of an individual app. Beyond that as an executive I need data from one app seamlessly feeding into another app and create useful datasets. For example how about data on an employee right from the application stage till the exit stage YoY?


  • We thank ProBuddy for giving us such a beautiful, user-friendly software which made us to eradicate the olden day process of recruiting a candidate. We see if we can get some more user-friendly softwares like that.

    Harish Kashyap